The Lost Generation


My brother-in-law lost his father on his (Scott’s) birthday in November. Mr. Urban was 76-years young. The family was going through their printed and electronic images for the celebration of life service. It was amazing how time stood still as we sifted through the prints seeing grandchildren, birthdays, Christmas, vacations, etc.  Scott mentioned how he liked prints better than electronic images and that electronic images were a hassle.  Scott “gets it”, some people truly understand the importance of a family legacy.  Unfortunately for some it’s too late. I could tell you many horror stories about hard drives that failed, the flash card was corrupt, lost phone, etc…

National statistics show more images are being photographed than ever before, but far less images are being printed. “The lost Generation”. Maybe you planned on printing the images, but time got away from you. My fear is we will have a lost generation with little to nothing to look back at or share with children or grandchildren... We simply don’t remember things as well as you think we do. Looking through the images brought back a lot of forgotten memories.  

My point is get your prints, put them in an album, enlarge your favorite image of your family and display it proudly in your home. Keep your family legacy alive in prints for the next generation to share. I overheard Uncle Andy telling the nieces and nephews to start asking him about their family tree, once he is gone so is the family history.

RIP Mr. Urban. 

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