I have lost track of how many people have come into the studio upset because their passport photo was rejected. All their time, money and effort had been wasted.  First they went to a chain drug store to get their discounted passport-rejected. Yes, you can go without an appointment, Yes it’s less expensive, think about the hassle, time and money you will save going to a professional, not some recent hire that has no idea what the specs are for passports. 

You can come to Bruce Wilson Photography for your US Passport photo. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than a drug store and yes it’s by appointment to serve you better. Yes, we use a professional camera with four lights and with a reflector flash system (explaining the perfect color on your face), against a pure white background (avoiding shadows because of the additional background light). Yes, it is guaranteed to be sharp, because that’s called professional… it has a 100% chance of being accepted by the US Passport Office, not only conforming to their stated quality standards, but many times we get unsolicited feedback about how nice their passport turned out. Drug stores should stick to what they do best, selling drugs and not pretending to be a photography studio.

Bruce Wilson Photography. Where people go to have professional photographs taken right the first time, not to pick up your prescription.

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