Ally's yearbook senior portrait

It’s hitting us hard that we have a high school senior, class of 2017. It doesn’t seem real. We captured Ally in her drape portrait for the yearbook.  As a father I feel she is one of the prettiest girls/young ladies in the whole wide world. She glowed. That blonde hair is so striking.  Her beautiful smile, a big thank you to Dr. Mansour. In a year she will be off to college. She has the grades to go wherever she decides. Ally has a very good work ethic, she started working at 14-years of age and has had up to 4 simultaneous jobs and she’s saving money for her car.  We are very proud of her. I would love to reverse time and hold her in my arms/lap again and to hear her say she’s going to marry her daddy. But she’s 17…

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