The Kempfer Family, part of Osceola County’s Heritage.

Mrs. Becky Kempfer commissioned us to photograph her family for their 50th wedding anniversary. I like going to a location (their ranch) where they grew up, work, have their home and now where the grandchildren are growing up in and around the property. Their property has a lot of stories and sentimental value. Once I arrived Henry showed me a couple of places he had in mind for their family portrait. Professionally speaking the lighting was not the best at 3pm in June. Getting good environmental light is not an easy task; I first look for natural directional lighting and then I place the subjects in that spot. But for 24-people it had to be a good size area.  I had some pretty strong hot spots of sunlight coming through the trees so I added a strobe to add just a touch of light for the eyes, then I waited for a cloud. I wanted it to look like we photographed them with all natural light and it’s very easy to over-use a flash where it doesn’t look all natural. The cow pen worked great for the number of family members the Kempfer’s have.

As we were leaving the property I saw many picturesque locations. Thinking of the Kempfer Heritage, this is a true Osceola County family… born and raised. Not many of us left. It has been a privilege to photograph the Kempfer family through the years celebrating many happy occasions, Henry and Heather along with Bear and his wife’s wedding immediately come to mind.  It’s fun to watch the next generation. Thank you, Mrs. Kempfer. It truly has been an honor to serve you and watch your family grow.



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