The Boydston Family from…Coweta, Oklahoma.

This family commissioned us for their family portrait at the beach while in Florida. This time of year I have found mornings work best for a variety of reasons, 1) It’s not too hot  2) It’s not raining 3) There are not a lot of people to contend with in the background since it’s so early in the morning.

I know it’s not easy for a family on vacation to get up at 4am and travel east for a beach portrait. When a client makes that kind of commitment, you know it’s important to them.

I feel it’s worth the effort, watching the sunrise lends itself to some incredible lighting. You can’t duplicate God’s natural lighting. Another advantage is you get to spend some valuable family time. To me this is not work, it’s a passion. A passion to deliver the very best product.  I had a blast and was on a photographic high on the way back to the office. What a great way to start the day!

We had all the ingredients for a fantastic portrait session, good weather, good lighting, a nice looking and cooperative family along with good clothing selections. It was a fantastic morning. Thank you Sherry and family. It was a pleasure serving you and your family while in Florida.


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