The Copeland Family then and now!

Yolanda commissioned us in 1999 for family portraits and then again recently for their 25th Wedding anniversary which is on June 3, 2014. It was so neat to see what the family looked like 15-years ago. Thank you Yolanda and Bob. Looking forward to seeing you at your 50th.

It's Grad Time!

It's Grad time and it's been fun. I can still FEEL the emotions in the building even after all these years. It really is a great experience year in and year out.  Liberty High School honored a WWII vet, Mr. Charles F. Waters, by allowing him to “walk” for the receiving of his honorary diploma. You see he enlisted one month before his graduation and over 65-years later he finally was able to walk across the stage. It was great to see all the different media showing the support he so rightfully deserves. Thank you Class of 2014, it has been a fun year and we wish you ALL well with good health, peace, happiness and continued success.

Guys need HINTS...

Guys need HINTS... Tell them what you want for Mother's Day!

Guys always wait until the last minute

Tell them what you want for Mother's Day!

Guys need help..

Tell them what you want for Mother's Day!

Tell Him What you want for Mother's Day

  For those last minute gifts for the guys who need help! Tell them what you want for Mother's Day

Double Dollars...
Call on or before:
 May 9, 2014
(Or you can call today!)
ONLY 4-WORKING DAYS LEFT until Mother's Day!
How it works:
Invest $100 and with DOUBLE DOLLARS SALE IT'S NOW WORTH $200.
Must call on or before May 9, 2014. Portrait session must have been completed and order placed by June 13, 2014.
Portraits by Master Craftsman Professional Photographer bruce wilson are created with imagination. The results are a reflection of life. as it it was... as you would like it to be remembered.
All portrait session are by appointment. Call today for your portrait session.(407) 846-3838.
(Not valid with any other special or coupon)
Limited to one per client.

Traditional portraits are not DEAD!

I don’t think it ever will be. A grandmother commissioned us from Mississippi to photograph her granddaughter at age 6. She shared with me the finished 24” portrait with a 3” frame that could have been taken yesterday, but was created in 2008.

This is all part of our photographic experience; we get to know the client and what they want before the photo session. Mrs. Morgan went on to say she wanted a traditional wall portrait of her “Piper”. When you pre-plan a portrait session you should be ready when the client comes in the door. Then we listen to that inner voice and sometimes we go into a completely different direction. I feel part of a portrait artist’s job is to watch a client’s natural body language and see their natural tendencies; then when you look at their images you say “that’s her”.

We build relationships with the client to help them forget about the camera all together.  I feel that is the most important part during a portrait session, I want to see their natural body language; recognizing it, capturing it and knowing you have captured it is a natural high.

Piper is a beautiful young lady, she’s in front of a background that compliments her, Piper was wearing simple clothing and had bare feet. Mix in all the prep work and it all comes together.  It’s not by chance! A timeless, traditional portrait that has captured Piper’s personality at six years of age is now a family heirloom to enjoy every time they look at it.

My fear with the electronic age is we will have a lost generation, no more albums and no more wall portraits. Soon images on CD will no longer be readable or the cd will be stuck in a drawer somewhere and damaged. Stick with tradition, it has proven the “test of time”.  We can never turn back the clock. It truly is later than you think.