Family Tree, 1845 of the Overstreet Family, Copy work job:

This is just one of the things I love about my job, variety and a challenge.  I received a call from Mrs. Sharon Overstreet about a family tree piece dated back to 1845. She wanted to copy it and make additional copies to pass out to her family. This piece was so important to the family that they were hesitant to leave it with me.

Once I got off the phone I felt like it was a fairly straightforward project. Once Mrs. Overstreet brought the family tree piece in I knew it was not going to be a simple copy or scan job like I first thought. The genealogy was hand written in fine print dating back to 1845 in pencil and ink. The size of it is 47”x44” on faded paper type on post board that did not lay flat and it was folded. I asked to keep it a day or two, went home and thought about it, made some calls and pretty much knew the best way was to copy it photographically. I have never regretted paying the extra fee for the higher end glass (lens). I don’t know of any scanners this large. So I decided to split the piece up, photographically speaking, into 8-sections then stitch the image back together again in photo shop. I must admit I was pretty happy with the finished product. We used Plexiglas to flatten down the warped piece.

Looking back, I wish our family had a written family tree. My grandmother passed away at age 85 and her knowledge would have been a big help. But now she is gone and it will be much harder to put our family tree info together. Start with your family tree today. That was really cool looking back to the 1800’s and seeing the first Overstreet family had 12-children 11-of them had children of their own. WOW, it’s a large family. How far can you go back?

Meet Miss Photogenic contestants from Miss SIlver Spurs Pageant

Meet the bwp Miss Photogenic from the Spurs pageant: presenting is Ally Wilson a representative of Bruce Wilson photography.

Little Miss: Karlie Heberlin
Jr MIss: Kaylee Newman
Miss Silver Spurs: Baily Simpson


Congrats LMSS, JRMSS & Miss Silver Spurs 2014

Congratulations to Brighten Mick on being crowned “Little Miss Silver Spurs 2014”.  

Kassidy Cabot the first ever “Jr Miss Silver Spurs 2014”.

Whitney Hopkins “Miss Silver Spurs 2014”.

 All of us here at bwp are very proud of you!

It’s nice to see you get the recognition you all deserve for all your hard work. I know your parents are proud of your/their accomplishments. 

We wish you continued success, health & prosperity, now and in the future.

Bruce Wilson Photography Family and Staff

The Copeland Family then and now!

Yolanda commissioned us in 1999 for family portraits and then again recently for their 25th Wedding anniversary which is on June 3, 2014. It was so neat to see what the family looked like 15-years ago. Thank you Yolanda and Bob. Looking forward to seeing you at your 50th.

It's Grad Time!

It's Grad time and it's been fun. I can still FEEL the emotions in the building even after all these years. It really is a great experience year in and year out.  Liberty High School honored a WWII vet, Mr. Charles F. Waters, by allowing him to “walk” for the receiving of his honorary diploma. You see he enlisted one month before his graduation and over 65-years later he finally was able to walk across the stage. It was great to see all the different media showing the support he so rightfully deserves. Thank you Class of 2014, it has been a fun year and we wish you ALL well with good health, peace, happiness and continued success.

Guys need HINTS...

Guys need HINTS... Tell them what you want for Mother's Day!

Guys always wait until the last minute

Tell them what you want for Mother's Day!