A quick take from this weekends family black & white portrait session. Arden who is two years old communicates using hand signals. She made a hand gesture during the photo session that she was all done... Arden was fantastic to work with and has an incredible personality.


This is one of the things I love about my job, VARIETY! This past week we have been photographing groups & individuals on-location for the OHS Choral department and the day prior we had the opportunity to photograph the Greek God and Miss Photogenic contest. This is a great fundraiser for any clubs willing to partake.  Later that same evening I was photographing action images for basketball. All of the mentioned photo shoots are completely different, photographically speaking. And to end out the week I was on the roof of PATHS at 7:15 am photographing the senior class of 2015. Whew. Next week, families, families and more families…


Meet Santa’s little helper!

This past weekend we had Santa in his workshop and Santa had a very special visitor “Mason”. Mason is “Santa’s” great-grandson. Mason is 2.5 weeks old, in fact he was due on Saturday, November 15, 2014. Four-generations, grandmother (Santa’s daughter), mother (Santa’s granddaughter) the grandson, great grandson with the great grandfather who happens to be Old Saint Nick. How cool is that?


Meet the Ramgooglie Family,

M/M Ramgooglie commissioned us for Adita’s senior portraits. I often wonder why we don’t create more family portraits during the high school student’s senior year.  Adita was a joy to work with, she has been the number one student at OHS for the past three years. The Ramgooglies understand after Adita’s graduation she will leave home and head off to college. (The empty nest). The Ramgooglie home life will change in 7-short months and there’s a very real possibility Anita will never live at home again. Did you know that 6 out of 10-students never move back home again after high school graduation? That empty space at the table or the quiet bedroom becomes reality. Get them together for that cherished family portrait while you are ALL still together. The Ramgooglies did.


It's a wrap for Hay Day at bruce wilson's

Ages 2-weeks old to teenagers who participated in the hay day at bruce Wilson’s. It was a blast and to work out doors in this weather. I love this time of year and I can’t wait until next year. Thank you Devin, Raelyn, Shelby, Mason, Tiana, Carlos Jr & Sr.


The next generation

The Ware Children

The Next generation: Shannon’s mother commissioned us to photograph Shannon and her siblings 15-years ago. Now we have the opportunity to photograph Shannon’s three children in black & white. This is a timeless, traditional portrait that will never go out of style. Thank you Shannon, it was a pleasure serving you and now your children once again.

Raeylynn from our black & white portrait series

This is a teenage black & white image from our black & white portrait series. I believe in mono-chromatic tones, Raelynn was in a white shirt, so I went with a lighter background. She just lit up the studio with her eyes and smile. Thanks Raelynn, it was fun working with you.