Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!
Bruce, Kathy, Ally, Emily & Liberty Wilson

Just in time for Christmas

Shipping the White children’s portraits off to LA and just in time for Christmas. The children’s portrait will go really well in their living room, it was unlike any other color palette I have used before, that’s what makes an art piece an original. Thank you M/M Tompkins, it was a pleasure serving you and your beautiful grandchildren.



Post –Thanksgiving

Wow, what a Thanksgiving weekend. We were commissioned by 4-families during the busy Thanksgiving weekend. We went to a client’s home, the park, Grand Cypress & the Marriott World Center. We had families with members as many as 28 down to a family of 4. I really believe people are beginning to understand the importance of “family” during the holidays. Who knows when everyone will be together again? Thank you Gearity, Loynd, Johnston & the Harris family, it was our pleasure to serve you this Thanksgiving.

Model Search for SPI

Model Search for Photo shoot

Must be at least 18-21 years old,


When: Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Time: 7pm-10pm approx


Where: Wyndam Resort Lake Buena Vista


Looking for: Three guys and Three Girl. With a variety of clothing.

Will notify our selection by Dec 30, 2014.


Benefits: A complimentary CD of the images created that day, lunch and payment of $75 each.


Contact: with an image of yourself, by 12/12/14. Please include your all your contact information

Email and cell number.


Thank you

SPI 2015

You're invited to the SPI 2015 in Orlando, FL. 


A quick take from this weekends family black & white portrait session. Arden who is two years old communicates using hand signals. She made a hand gesture during the photo session that she was all done... Arden was fantastic to work with and has an incredible personality.


This is one of the things I love about my job, VARIETY! This past week we have been photographing groups & individuals on-location for the OHS Choral department and the day prior we had the opportunity to photograph the Greek God and Miss Photogenic contest. This is a great fundraiser for any clubs willing to partake.  Later that same evening I was photographing action images for basketball. All of the mentioned photo shoots are completely different, photographically speaking. And to end out the week I was on the roof of PATHS at 7:15 am photographing the senior class of 2015. Whew. Next week, families, families and more families…