See how much better your portraits can bee.

Looking at the top

image, you see a 15-year old in natural light at the beach and think it's a nice photo. With the current trend of “natural light" photographers produce the image on the bottom. As a trained professional, certified photographer, my job is to use my knowledge and secondary lighting to create the image on the right. It's the little things that make a difference.




























16 trip) One of my FAVORITE family vacations

We tried to go the year before but my mother fell in Feb 2015 and broke her hip and collar bone just before the spring cruise 2015. (travel Insurance next time) We finally made it in March 2016. Royal Carribean. Fantasay of the Seas. Had a great time with the entire family. Not easy getting us ALL together at one time and at one place for a week.  The girls didn't want to go outside with wind blown looki. My parents moblity limited us as well. So I selected the quite off the beaten path lounge on the last night of our cruise. I'm ready to go again!

Behind the camera.

Today’s camera room was at OHS photographing 500 seniors, the class of 2016. The groups are photographed in two separate images. Then merged together in a photo shop merge tool.

I set up my camera and lights on the other side of the gym next to the folded-up visitor’s bleachers, I used a step latter so I could get the proper camera height.

There were 4-lights with 1,000 watts from each head. Norman strobes are by far the most reliable power pack/strobes.

ISO 640.

Camera 5D Mark III

Lens: 70-200 mm 2.8 shot at 70mm

A 88.1 MEG FILE.

Exposure: 15th of a second at f/16. I wanted the depth of field and I did not want to go any lower than 15th of a second in case the students moved during the exposure as they would appear a bit blurred.

Halloween 2015

Ally & Emmy Halloween Party 2015

Meet Chief Deputy Sklarek who is now running for sheriff.

If you like how well the Sheriff’s dept has been running these past 11-years under Hansell, then vote for Dave for Sheriff! I have known Dave for over 35-years. In fact we went to SCHS together. He is the real deal! And Dave has always tried to do the right thing. He has taught Sunday school at First Baptist Church for many years and not just during election time. He is a good father and a fine person. I feel he will lead the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. and serve Osceola County’s residents well into the 21st century. We wish Dave and his family the best with the 2016 election. We will be praying for him.

Entrepreneur, Lori:

Every now and then I get to photograph a unique product. Lori is a Dental Hygienist by day and an entrepreneur by night. Lori invented the drain flow net. It looks like a hair net that goes over your shower drain. She has a patent pending and this new product will be on the market soon. Lori came to me after she tried unsuccessfully to photograph the product herself with her phone. Once her images were turned into her web designer he then told her to hire a professional! Shiny objects are not easy to photograph. And I must admit, it was not an easy product to photograph correctly.  The final product was produced with two lights, one underneath the drain flow net to give the white Plexiglas a clean white look, the other was a 3x5 soft box overhead, angled 45 degrees from back to front. I enjoyed the challenge, it was something different that I don’t normally do. Thanks Lori, we wish you continued success.

Awards At the Florida Professional Photographers 2015

To my surprise I was awarded the Past Presidents Award at the Florida Professional Photographers annual convention. It is my understanding you have to be nominated, then they discuss your qualifications. The vote must be unanimous by the past presidents. WOW, what an honor. I get to display the BIG trophy in the studio for a year. The second award I received that night is the Lifetime Award which I really wanted because it meant no more yearly dues. Woo hoo! Thank you past presidents and current board members of the Florida Professional Photographers.