Meet Chief Deputy Sklarek who is now running for sheriff.

If you like how well the Sheriff’s dept has been running these past 11-years under Hansell, then vote for Dave for Sheriff! I have known Dave for over 35-years. In fact we went to SCHS together. He is the real deal! And Dave has always tried to do the right thing. He has taught Sunday school at First Baptist Church for many years and not just during election time. He is a good father and a fine person. I feel he will lead the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. and serve Osceola County’s residents well into the 21st century. We wish Dave and his family the best with the 2016 election. We will be praying for him.

Entrepreneur, Lori:

Every now and then I get to photograph a unique product. Lori is a Dental Hygienist by day and an entrepreneur by night. Lori invented the drain flow net. It looks like a hair net that goes over your shower drain. She has a patent pending and this new product will be on the market soon. Lori came to me after she tried unsuccessfully to photograph the product herself with her phone. Once her images were turned into her web designer he then told her to hire a professional! Shiny objects are not easy to photograph. And I must admit, it was not an easy product to photograph correctly.  The final product was produced with two lights, one underneath the drain flow net to give the white Plexiglas a clean white look, the other was a 3x5 soft box overhead, angled 45 degrees from back to front. I enjoyed the challenge, it was something different that I don’t normally do. Thanks Lori, we wish you continued success.

Awards At the Florida Professional Photographers 2015

To my surprise I was awarded the Past Presidents Award at the Florida Professional Photographers annual convention. It is my understanding you have to be nominated, then they discuss your qualifications. The vote must be unanimous by the past presidents. WOW, what an honor. I get to display the BIG trophy in the studio for a year. The second award I received that night is the Lifetime Award which I really wanted because it meant no more yearly dues. Woo hoo! Thank you past presidents and current board members of the Florida Professional Photographers.


OHS Homecoming 2015

Homecoming 2015.  Prince is  Carols Becker, Princess is Rylee Moody. Queen Tyshira Baker & the King is Daniel Filgueiras.

Congrats to the homecoming court!


She said yes

At Halftime Miss Singleton was proposed to and she said yes. What a great job I have. Congrats Coach Singelton.

Behind the camera.

Behind the camera. Osceola High School Volleyball in studio. It's a difficult job but someone has to do it. OHS 20-0. I had to do something different.

Meet the Sahi Family

This family was visiting from PA. While on vacation they commissioned us to capture their family portraits. Once they arrived the mother-in-law slipped in the shower and the 9-month old baby had an inner ear infection. If anyone had reasons to cancel their family portrait session it was the Sahi family. Thankfully Dr. Raj did not cancel, this showed me just how important their family portrait was to them. We can never turn back time. Now they are back home in the snow and they can enjoy the portraits we created for them while they were on vacation in Florida. What are your priorities this holiday season? Recently I asked a 4-year old what he got for Christmas last year. He thought and really gave it careful consideration, after 10-15 seconds he said “I don’t remember”. Do you remember what you received last Christmas or birthday? A family portrait is an heirloom of your family history.  If not for you, do it for your children. Where time stands still.


Thank you Sahi family! You make our job…not a job but a pleasure.