The Lost Generation


My brother-in-law lost his father on his (Scott’s) birthday in November. Mr. Urban was 76-years young. The family was going through their printed and electronic images for the celebration of life service. It was amazing how time stood still as we sifted through the prints seeing grandchildren, birthdays, Christmas, vacations, etc.  Scott mentioned how he liked prints better than electronic images and that electronic images were a hassle.  Scott “gets it”, some people truly understand the importance of a family legacy.  Unfortunately for some it’s too late. I could tell you many horror stories about hard drives that failed, the flash card was corrupt, lost phone, etc…

National statistics show more images are being photographed than ever before, but far less images are being printed. “The lost Generation”. Maybe you planned on printing the images, but time got away from you. My fear is we will have a lost generation with little to nothing to look back at or share with children or grandchildren... We simply don’t remember things as well as you think we do. Looking through the images brought back a lot of forgotten memories.  

My point is get your prints, put them in an album, enlarge your favorite image of your family and display it proudly in your home. Keep your family legacy alive in prints for the next generation to share. I overheard Uncle Andy telling the nieces and nephews to start asking him about their family tree, once he is gone so is the family history.

RIP Mr. Urban. 

The 2017 commissioners

Happy New Year! I had the pleasure of creating images of each of the newly elected and re-elected county commissioners.

Peggy Choudhry Dist 1. 

Viviana Janer Dist 2.

Brandon Arrington Dist 3.

Cheryl Grieb Dist 4.

Fred Hawkins, Jr Dist 5.

Our county is the fastest growing and yet has the largest homeless population. The elected officials have some very difficult decisions to make in 2017. I pray for God to give them wisdom, guidance and direction for Osceola County.   



I have lost track of how many people have come into the studio upset because their passport photo was rejected. All their time, money and effort had been wasted.  First they went to a chain drug store to get their discounted passport-rejected. Yes, you can go without an appointment, Yes it’s less expensive, think about the hassle, time and money you will save going to a professional, not some recent hire that has no idea what the specs are for passports. 

You can come to Bruce Wilson Photography for your US Passport photo. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than a drug store and yes it’s by appointment to serve you better. Yes, we use a professional camera with four lights and with a reflector flash system (explaining the perfect color on your face), against a pure white background (avoiding shadows because of the additional background light). Yes, it is guaranteed to be sharp, because that’s called professional… it has a 100% chance of being accepted by the US Passport Office, not only conforming to their stated quality standards, but many times we get unsolicited feedback about how nice their passport turned out. Drug stores should stick to what they do best, selling drugs and not pretending to be a photography studio.

Bruce Wilson Photography. Where people go to have professional photographs taken right the first time, not to pick up your prescription.


Here at Bruce Wilson Photography, a second-generation owned photo business, we view school photography as a 50/50 mix of technical and people skills. Our new team members may have photography experience or not, but all of us have memories of capturing photos of children that families will cherish for many years.


If you’re someone who likes the excitement that comes from worthwhile and meaningful work, who likes dependable schedules, and who can maintain a sense of humor if things get busy, send your resume to us at, and tell us how your background and passion relate to what we’re doing, in 300 words or less. We promise to acknowledge every inquiry with a personal response, because we only have caring people working here. We believe that the opportunity to remain the leader in school and portrait photography is by hiring and keeping the best people in the area. If that’s your view too, we invite you to read about us and see some of our work at


Ally's yearbook senior portrait

It’s hitting us hard that we have a high school senior, class of 2017. It doesn’t seem real. We captured Ally in her drape portrait for the yearbook.  As a father I feel she is one of the prettiest girls/young ladies in the whole wide world. She glowed. That blonde hair is so striking.  Her beautiful smile, a big thank you to Dr. Mansour. In a year she will be off to college. She has the grades to go wherever she decides. Ally has a very good work ethic, she started working at 14-years of age and has had up to 4 simultaneous jobs and she’s saving money for her car.  We are very proud of her. I would love to reverse time and hold her in my arms/lap again and to hear her say she’s going to marry her daddy. But she’s 17…

Emily gets her restricted driving license

We now have two driving! Emily has her restricted driver’s license. The problem in our house now is “whose turn is it to drive?” Kathy came up with the odd –even days to make it fair.  Kathy and I still can’t get over just how fast they grow up.


The Kempfer Family, part of Osceola County’s Heritage.

Mrs. Becky Kempfer commissioned us to photograph her family for their 50th wedding anniversary. I like going to a location (their ranch) where they grew up, work, have their home and now where the grandchildren are growing up in and around the property. Their property has a lot of stories and sentimental value. Once I arrived Henry showed me a couple of places he had in mind for their family portrait. Professionally speaking the lighting was not the best at 3pm in June. Getting good environmental light is not an easy task; I first look for natural directional lighting and then I place the subjects in that spot. But for 24-people it had to be a good size area.  I had some pretty strong hot spots of sunlight coming through the trees so I added a strobe to add just a touch of light for the eyes, then I waited for a cloud. I wanted it to look like we photographed them with all natural light and it’s very easy to over-use a flash where it doesn’t look all natural. The cow pen worked great for the number of family members the Kempfer’s have.

As we were leaving the property I saw many picturesque locations. Thinking of the Kempfer Heritage, this is a true Osceola County family… born and raised. Not many of us left. It has been a privilege to photograph the Kempfer family through the years celebrating many happy occasions, Henry and Heather along with Bear and his wife’s wedding immediately come to mind.  It’s fun to watch the next generation. Thank you, Mrs. Kempfer. It truly has been an honor to serve you and watch your family grow.