Action photography

I photograph action images for the yearbook. Last night I went to the girls varsity softball game. Osceola High School to be exact. I'm amazed at the talent. Any how while there I captured a homerun in the first inning. and in the bottom of the third inning i capture an image of the young lady beating the throw to first. She was called out but you can see clearly she was save, Where is instant review when you need it. Any how it was fun with lots of action.




At the Fair

Every now and then I get the urge to try something new outside the studio. What a better time than the KVLS/Rodeo/Fair time. Johnny, Natalie and Mindy are just a few of our 2015 models last Friday evening. I enjoy fair time, it brings back a lot of the childhood memories, the atmosphere it creates along with all the colors you see at the fair. I asked the models to wear bright colors for their photo shoot. I still can’t believe after all these years this was my first time photographing inside the fair grounds. My goal was to get some unique images, something we have never created before and I feel we accomplished it. It was not easy dodging all the people last Friday night and asking the models to get comfortable with lots of people watching. I can’t wait until next year, I already have some new ideas for next year’s fair.


PS: Yes there are a few spots left for the 2015 model program. If interested, call the studio at 407-846-3838. No, you do not have to be a junior, sophomores are welcome as well.

Whew what a day yesterday was.

WOW what a day yesterday, started at Poinciana High School doing cap & gown portraits that morning, can you believe it's that time of year??? In the studio for the Harmony High Competition Cheer "State runner up" team & individual photos. Then we did action images of the water-polo and varsity baseball team for Osceola High School. Whew today we have a couple of business portraits then on to the fair for some of our model shoots, can't wait to share those with you. Have a great weekend!

Live speaking engagement at the SPI

Senior Photographers International, Jan 30, 2014

I had the opportunity to do 3-programs at the Senior Photographers International. The topic “Environmental Lighting”, how to look for and use what we photographers like to call “sweet light”. On the day I was to do this live model program it rained. We moved the live program in the lobby at the Wyndham Resort in Lake Buena Vista.

My goal is to teach that you watch for good quality light. I see so many images on facebook with the likes of poor quality of lighting. Light is the number one building block in my books to a successful quality environmental portrait. If you light the subject correctly you are more than half way there to creating a quality portrait.

Environmental lighting is not an easy thing to “master” the sun moves during the day, even during different times of year the sun moves. I’m often amazed at little pockets of “good” light. Look for it, it’s there. The same principals apply to environmental lighting as it does in the studio. One direction… I have learned that lighting changes from morning to afternoon. I have used an outdoor spot in the morning and found I cannot use the very same location in the afternoon due to the quality of light. So with that said I will share an example of what we did at the live lighting demonstration. The before and after. Experience has shown me consistently to add an off camera flash to the subject, even though I had pretty good light. I feel with the off camera strobe, it cleans things up and I do not have to work on the image as much in postproduction. The colors are clean and true, it doesn’t give a green cast to the skin etc. The image “pops”, that’s the best term I can use.

First find the light, then put your subject in the light.  It’s over cast, in fact it’s raining. I capture one image as is and one image with an off camera flash with a soft box. I set the strobe/soft box 1-1.5 stops less than the ambient light. Just a kiss of light gave me an image and look I’m looking for. See for yourself; let me know what you think. Hope to see you at the fair.


Ally is 15 today

15-years ago today Ally came into our lives and what a joy it has been. Happy Birthday Ally. Not sure she's ready for her driving permit... We let her drive to pops property and as she was backing out of our drive way looking over her right shoulder she asked which way do I turn??? Love you Ally, Mom & Dad. We now have two teenagers girls in the house. ALL PRAYERS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED...
Ally & Emily in Sevierville TN Nov 2013. Ally is on the left.

Meet the Chambers

Happy belated New Year! Hi, this is Bruce from Bruce Wilson Photography; can you believe just how fast the year is going? Time moves so fast as we get older. I recall my “Aunt Dee-Dee” telling us not to wish time to move any faster and she was correct. Sometimes I wish football season would hurry up and get here but after watching the gators and dolphins play, I can wait. I recently had a west coast client call to secure us for his parent’s portraits. They live in Kissimmee, and he wanted to invest in a gift certificate for Christmas. When his mother, Mrs. Chambers, called to do the consult she shared with me that they are elderly and before I could say anything else, she explained to me “we are not 70, I’m 87, my brother Dick is 85 and my husband is 92 years old.  Dick (who happened to look a lot like Dick Chaney) is not standing erect anymore” she went on to say.  She gave me all the detailed information I would need and let me tell you she had a very sharp mind at age 87!  I was looking forward to the portrait session. Once they arrived at the studio I was amazed at how well they looked and how well they moved about. Think about this, they lived in WI for many years before moving here 28-yrs ago with her brother who lives a mile away. Her husband and Dick still drive! All three stopped playing golf due to their health. However Mr. Chambers is in the best health of the three of them but he stopped playing golf because “I just go old”. Come to find out their son wanted his parent’s portrait for himself, it’s been 8-years since they have seen each other. They can no longer travel and the son who commissioned us is a paraplegic and lives in CA. I truly enjoyed my time with the Chambers and also enjoyed their wealth of knowledge. Just think about all the changes they have experienced in their life time.  I could have talked with them for hours. BTW, Mr. Chambers and Mr. Richards graduated from Notre Dame.  Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy new year. Life is short, life is limited and life is borrowed, we are just passing through. Don’t do this for yourself… do it for your children.


Merry CHRIST mas

Merry CHRIST mas from the Wilson Family Ally, Kathy, Emily & Bruce Wears Valley TN Nov 2013.