How Fast Life Can Change!

How fast life change!

A family commissioned us while on vacation from Illinois 3-weeks ago. Their son Andrew (arms crossed) is now on the USS Harry Truman in Syria. Seth also serves in the Navy.  Pray for his safe return and pray for all the men and women in uniform. Thank you for placing your trust in us!

“We NEVER DREAMED our son would be in the middle of this conflict...we thought he would be on a routine mission for his first deployment in the area. We are especially thankful we took this opportunity to do the photo session with Bruce bc we not only have his portrait to pray over him, but HE has a portrait now to reflect back on, and know happier days are AHEAD OF HIM AGAIN. We had the BEST vacation of our lives when we took this family portrait session, and it shows in the joy that you captured. He is happy too bc he’s in his family’s presence.”  We are so grateful to have had our Lord lead us to you and to your photography business

Captain Mark Kelly

What an honor to photograph the “Real Rocket Man” this week at Rosen Shingle Creek at the Self Storage Spring Confrence and Tradeshow. Captain Mark Kelly flew 4x on the space shuttle. He has flown in 38-military missions. A True American HERO! 

Marco's Pizza

I love my profession, pizza at 10am. President (Tony) of Marco's Pizza.  A franchise of 150 stores and growing, has stores internationally as well. My family went back that evening to try their pizza and it was fantastic! 

Psychiatric Consultants of Central Fl

We had the pleasure of photographing the Psychiatric Consultants of Central FL Team. The images are going to be used for the SOE website.

The benefit for the group is we photograph each person individually and insert them into a group. If someone retires or leaves the company, we can re-insert the new team member without having to schedule a date when the entire group will be together again. Thank you, Dr. Potluri for the opportunity to serve you and your staff. 

Meet The Supervisors of Election Team

We had the pleasure of photographing the Supervisors of Election Team on Election Day. This year It was a quite day, not like it was a year ago. The images are going to be used for SOE website. Next time you call you can put a face with the person you are speaking with.

What is really cool benefit to small, medium and large staff is the group composite. We photograph each person individually and insert them into a group. If someone retires or leaves the company we can insert a the new team member without having to schedule a date when the  entire group will be together again. Thank you, Kari, for all your help and Thank you Mrs. Arringtion for your continued support. 

The Lost Generation


My brother-in-law lost his father on his (Scott’s) birthday in November. Mr. Urban was 76-years young. The family was going through their printed and electronic images for the celebration of life service. It was amazing how time stood still as we sifted through the prints seeing grandchildren, birthdays, Christmas, vacations, etc.  Scott mentioned how he liked prints better than electronic images and that electronic images were a hassle.  Scott “gets it”, some people truly understand the importance of a family legacy.  Unfortunately for some it’s too late. I could tell you many horror stories about hard drives that failed, the flash card was corrupt, lost phone, etc…

National statistics show more images are being photographed than ever before, but far less images are being printed. “The lost Generation”. Maybe you planned on printing the images, but time got away from you. My fear is we will have a lost generation with little to nothing to look back at or share with children or grandchildren... We simply don’t remember things as well as you think we do. Looking through the images brought back a lot of forgotten memories.  

My point is get your prints, put them in an album, enlarge your favorite image of your family and display it proudly in your home. Keep your family legacy alive in prints for the next generation to share. I overheard Uncle Andy telling the nieces and nephews to start asking him about their family tree, once he is gone so is the family history.

RIP Mr. Urban. 

The 2017 commissioners

Happy New Year! I had the pleasure of creating images of each of the newly elected and re-elected county commissioners.

Peggy Choudhry Dist 1. 

Viviana Janer Dist 2.

Brandon Arrington Dist 3.

Cheryl Grieb Dist 4.

Fred Hawkins, Jr Dist 5.

Our county is the fastest growing and yet has the largest homeless population. The elected officials have some very difficult decisions to make in 2017. I pray for God to give them wisdom, guidance and direction for Osceola County.